FAQs – Buy

I’ve never bought a business before, why do I need a professional advisor?

My boss has offered me an opportunity to buy the business, what should I do?

Can I borrow money to buy the business?

I’ve already agreed a deal with the seller, can you help me check there are no unwelcome surprises?

The sellers will be offering me warranties and indemnities in the final legal contract, why should I bother with due diligence?

Can you help with integrating the business after we have bought it?

I will need a legal advisor, can you refer me to someone suitable?

FAQs – Sell

Can my business be sold?

How much is my business worth?

What can I do to get a higher price for my business?

I’m worried about confidentiality, how will you protect me?

I’d like to sell to my management team but could they afford it?

Will you work on a success fee basis?

How long will it take to sell my business?

Why should I use Larking Gowen Corporate Transactions?

I will need a legal advisor, can you refer me to someone suitable?

What about an independent financial advisor?

FAQs – Value

How will you value my business?

Can you value a partial shareholding rather than the whole company?

What information do I need to provide?

How will you present your valuation opinion to me?

Why might I need a valuation?

Is there a 'one size fits all' rule?

FAQs – Fund

What funding options are out there?

What about angel investment and crowdfunding?

Can you help us obtain investment from private equity firms?

How easy is it to get funding at the moment?

Will I have to offer personal security?

What documentation will a lender expect from me?

Can you help me pay HMRC?

Can you help me develop my business so I am not short of funds?